Are You Ready To Make A Maternity Session?

maternity photography

What exactly is Maternity photography?¬†Maternity Photography¬†is an extremely beautiful way to commemorate your pregnant baby and mark the transformation to motherhood. Whether you choose to have a romantic couple’s photo shoot or one with the whole family, those are special, sweet memories that you don’t want to Miss!

When planning a maternity photography session, it can be helpful to write down all the important items that you would like to include in the session. This includes things such as your budget, the baby’s sex, height and weight, skin color and texture of the belly area, how often you think the expectant mother will be pregnant and the baby bump size. Once you have listed all the items you want, you can contact the photographer and set up a time and place to have the photos taken. Some expectant mothers prefer to have their pictures taken before the baby bump is visible while others wish to have the pictures taken when the baby bump is noticeable.

The next step is to plan the style of the maternity photography. Most professional photographers ask for a client list and a list of expected details so they know what props to use and items to avoid. If you are having your baby shower at your home, you can ask your guests to bring along some blank baby shower invitations or a list of items that they would like for the baby shower. If you are having the shoot at a location, determine whether the photographer will be provided with items for props or if they will need to rent them. It is always a good idea to have multiple versions of the photos because you never know what will happen between the time of the baby shower and the actual maternity session.

Maternity photography does not have to be about baby bump perfection. Some women love to have a glimpse of their behinds during maternity posing. A photographer may suggest that you pose in a way that shows off your bump. However, if this is not something that you are interested in doing, ask if you can pose without a bra or without any obvious props.

During the maternity photo sessions, it is important to keep in mind the privacy of your newborn. You and your photographer should work out an arrangement where the photographer will be seated by yourself, while the mother is seated in the delivery room. In this arrangement, the photographer won’t have to disturb the new mother. The newborn can also hear her mother’s heartbeat. While in the delivery room, the photographer should make sure to establish clear contact with the mother and the newborn to prevent accidental falls.

Many expectant mothers choose to submit a collection of images from their maternity photography sessions to be used for future albums or scrapbooks. One suggestion would be to have each pose used as a frame in a small portfolio featuring family photos. Choose poses that show you and your baby in a positive light. For example, one pose could be you and your husband holding hands as you both look at a favorite holiday picture, or a picture of you and your baby as you enjoy an afternoon on the beach.

If you are a photographer who has never offered maternity pictures before, you may want to think about starting your own practice. You may want to offer your services at a photography or baby shower event before branching out. Your clients will love you and they will surely want you to photograph more of their children in the future. Your practice portfolio will be full of beautiful photos of smiling babies, and it will be a perfect showcase for your portfolio in case you decide to open an office. Make sure to tell your clients how you plan on displaying the photographs you send them to ensure that they will enjoy them.

Before you sign on the dotted line, you may want to take some maternity photography session advice. Ask other photographers what they do to make their customers happy. Learn more about what types of props and clothing you can use to create a warm and friendly atmosphere at your client’s photography session. Even if you are not yet ready to start offering portraits, a maternity photographer has the skills to turn a newborn photo session into a successful portrait session. Do not wait to take action!